Shine zoekt een Kamer in Amsterdam

Shine zoekt: Een Kamer in Amsterdam

  • Kamer
  • Min. 8 m2
  • 13 Per direct

Many landlords are curious about their potential tenants. This is mainly because the landlords often hesitate whether to trust their tenants or not. You can trust me as a decent tenant based on my ability, benevolence, and integrity. Ability refers to being able to afford payment asked. Benevolence means to cherish your property by carrying out activities such as maintaining the room properly. Integrity is about executing the payment timely and certainly not thieving items from the property. Apart from the three trust factors mentioned previously, I am a non-smoker and have various interests. First, I love to cook healthy food rather than deep-fried food. Some of my dishes are even favoured by vegetarians and vegans. Second, I am a polyglot who can speak Mandarin, English and Dutch. Over the past years, I have given few language lessons to people from different age group. My lessons were mostly rated positively. Third, I can coop with others and emphasis team spirit.

I would be delighted to be accepted as one of your tenants. I believe that my ability, benevolence, and integrity suit the profile of an ideal candidate at yours.

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